Keep Fueling Around!

Keep Fueling Around!

Several generous, loyal friends and fans funded our RocketHub project base goal — in less than 5 days — Wow! So we have funds to cover diesel fuel for 2500 miles of driving. Thank You! Thank You!

We still have 13 days to keep funding our project. All monies now will go towards commercial vehicle insurance required for the trip.

Please consider kicking a few bucks our way. $4 is a perfectly fine amount. Seriously. Don’t get all peer-pressured into thinking that you have to match what others have given.

We will reward you with cool goodies. It’s super easy and secure to do here:

rockethub logo

This is not a request for a donation. It is an exchange: funds from fans for rewards from us which include merchandise and shout-outs to all our “fuelers” on our website and as we vlog the tour.

You can see where we are touring on our calendar

Money doesn’t talk, it swears!

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