the Mad Maggies


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California Love — Variation for harp

with special guest Roxanne Oliva on Celtic harp. An instrumental version of our love song.


An upbeat, catchy, pop/rock/dancelove song

California Love

A love song with a solid dance groove.

Hold On, Let Go

Enjoy the very danceable rhythm — a line dance shuffle, perhaps.
And, the chorus is just asking for you to singalong. Go for it!

One of the most valuable skills in life is knowing when to take chances and stay in the fray and knowing when the smart move is to limit risk and walk away.
That hint of free will feels good in this crazy game of life.

Un Jaguar en el Agua

A dance groove with a good dose of Californiana.
Un groove avec une bonne dose de Californiana.

Actual Factual

Mags has something to say about disinformation in this laid-back groove.

Dead Air

This rock/pop tune with vintage dub stylings describes that feeling when you finally leave for good.
Try singing along. It is very satisfying.

Out of Proportion

Wherein a shopping mishap leads a woman to discover that clothes don’t make the woman … or the man.

However Improbable

A confection of ska, border polka, country, dance, brass band.
A perfect example of our “Hard to Describe, Easy to Love” style.

Surely, Shirley

upbeat and sweet love song, original
une chanson d’amour optimiste et douce, originale

Groove d’Hiver

instrumental, original, dub-infused
instrumentale, originale, imprégnée de dub

Reva’s Revelation

instrumental, original, bittersweet
instrumentale, originale, mélodie douce-amère

Blue Ska

A ska classic. Un classique de ska.

Three in the Morning

Heartfelt and topical. Sincère et d’actualité.

What Kind of Genre does the Mad Maggies Play?

A short 1 minute attempt at describing our musical style.
Quel genre de genre? Une courte minute à essayer de décrire notre style musical. En anglais.

Heaven on This Earth

Street Dog

Musical Voyagers

Our promo video designed to give you a taste of our musical styles
Notre vidéo promotionnelle conçue pour vous donner un avant-goût de nos styles musicaux.

One of Our Claims to Fame

Director Paul Haggis chose our “Sleepy Maggie” to underscore this scene in the TV pilot of the Black Donnelleys
Réalisateur Paul Haggis a choisi notre « Sleepy Maggie » pour jouer dans cette scène dans le pilote de télévision des « Black Donnelleys ».

Musical Priest S

San Francisco 159th Annual St. Pat’s Day Parade & Fest

Sí Bheag, Sí Mhor & Sleepy Maggie

San Francisco 159th Annual St. Pat’s Day Parade & Fest
159e édition du Festival et Parade de Saint Patrick, San Francisco

« Il faut toujours bien faire ce qu’on fait, même une folie. » — Honoré De Balzac

“No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.” — Aristotle