the Mad Maggies

Naked Ladies – 2017

Once again we criss crosses musical styles and moods. Enjoy several dance grooves, a ballad, a traditional Eastern European tune and a well-known cover.

Recording & Mixing: Mark Nemoyten & Aaron Nemoyten
Mastering: Marco d’Ambrosio

Cover Design:

Listen to the tunes right here. We’ve cued up the title track “Naked Ladies”.


  1. Get On the Train or Get Off the Tracks — in the long tradition of train inspired tunes
  2. Naked Ladies — a dance groove, named for the beautiful Amaryllis which bloom in August, celebrates the Cotati Accordion Festival, dancing in an open air plaza
  3. Entangled — love sometimes happens out of the blue
  4. ¿Quien Sera? — a Latin classic in a Mad Maggies arrangement
  5. L’Amour Persiste — love is steady
  6. Serba — traditional, energetic dance
  7. Three in the Morning — when you know you fell for the wrong one and were played
  8. A Little Bit Better — things are starting to look up
  9. A La Playa — everything is better at the beach, upbeat, ska-like

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All music & lyrics by Maggie Martin
except: “Serba” – a traditional & “¿Quien Sera?” by Pablo Beltrán Ruiz
©2017 Media Rare / Squeezin’ Diva Music (BMI)