the Mad Maggies

Tune List by Genre

A list of our 80+ recorded tunes organized by genre.
Our repertoire is genre-fluid so any categorization is approximate and open for interpretation. 😉

Notre liste de plus de 80 morceaux enregistrés classés par genre.
Notre répertoire est « genre fluide » donc toute catégorisation est approximative et ouverte à l’interprétation.

Fanfare for Eva
Get on the Train or Get Off the Tracks
Kirghiz Eyes
Reva’s Revelation
Time’s Up

Aye, Lassie/Oui, Ma Chérie
Il y Ya Un Bal
Street Dog studio
Street Dog live

Are Ye Sleeping Maggie?
Cal’s Waltz
Drunken Sailor’s Hornpipe
Fair Winds
For the Love of Pete
High Seas Lament
Morning Star
Musical Priest S
Rough Music
Shake Those Bones
Sleepy Maggie
Teach Tábhairne Mhaillí Ní Dhuibh / Molly Black’s Tavern

FOLK / KLEZMER / Eastern European
Black Orchid
Folly of Fame, The
La Pachulera 2014
La Pachulera 2004
Rumba Tziganeasca

All in a Day
Furious Polka
Mad Mod Vlad
Magdalena’s Revenge (frailich)
Magdalena’s Revenge – live (frailich)
Music in the Blood
Pica Pica Polka
Up North
Where’s Diana?

Dark Matters
Dead Air
Searching for My Love (cover)
Shake Those Bones
Short & Sweet
Still Standing
Surely, Shirley
Three in the Morning
Twine Time

ROCK / POP / Latin
The Cards on the Table
Cold Hearts Abound
Dead Men Don’t Need Gold
Get Ready (cover)
Give Him A Great Big Kiss (cover)
Hearts Ride a Big Wheel
L’Amour Persiste
Not Yet, Not Now
A La Playa / A Little Bit Better
Pipeline (cover)
Sparky’s Romp
Surely, Shirley
Twistin’ the Night Away (cover)
Jaguar en el Agua, Un

ROMANTIC / Songwriter / Cabaret
Barefoot Kate
Chance to Dance
Dark John’s Theme/La Chanson de Jean
Drifting Apart
Fair Winds
Friday Night
Luna Marie
Surely, Shirley

SKA inspired
Blue Ska (cover)
Il Fait un Beau Soleil
Groove d’Hiver
Heaven on This Earth
A Message to You Rudy (cover)
Making Way
Naked Ladies
¿Quien Sera? (cover)
Vitamin A
Sailor’s Hornpipe – Wally’s Dub
Where to Next?
Within the Wyrd