the Mad Maggies

Tune List by Genre

A list of our 100+ recorded tunes organized by genre.
Our repertoire is genre-fluid so any categorization is approximate and open for interpretation. 😉

Notre liste de plus de 100 morceaux enregistrés classés par genre.
Notre répertoire est « genre fluide » donc toute catégorisation est approximative et ouverte à l’interprétation.

Fanfare for Eva
Get on the Train or Get Off the Tracks
Kirghiz Eyes
Reva’s Revelation
Time’s Up

Aye, Lassie/Oui, Ma Chérie
Il y Ya Un Bal
Street Dog studio
Street Dog live

Are Ye Sleeping Maggie?
Cal’s Waltz
Drunken Sailor’s Hornpipe
Fair Winds
For the Love of Pete
High Seas Lament
Morning Star
Musical Priest S
Rough Music
Shake Those Bones
Sleepy Maggie
Teach Tábhairne Mhaillí Ní Dhuibh / Molly Black’s Tavern

FOLK / KLEZMER / Eastern European
Black Orchid
Folly of Fame, The
La Pachulera 2014
La Pachulera 2004
Rumba Tziganeasca

All in a Day
Furious Polka
Mad Mod Vlad
Magdalena’s Revenge (frailich)
Magdalena’s Revenge – live (frailich)
Music in the Blood
Pica Pica Polka
Up North
Where’s Diana?

Dark Matters
Dead Air
Searching for My Love (cover)
Shake Those Bones
Short & Sweet
Still Standing
Surely, Shirley
Three in the Morning
Twine Time

ROCK / POP / Latin
California Love
California Love – Variation for Harp
The Cards on the Table
Cold Hearts Abound
Dead Men Don’t Need Gold
Get Ready (cover)
Give Him A Great Big Kiss (cover)
Hearts Ride a Big Wheel
Hold On, Let Go
L’Amour Persiste
Not Yet, Not Now
A La Playa / A Little Bit Better
Pipeline (cover)
Sparky’s Romp
Surely, Shirley
Twistin’ the Night Away (cover)
Jaguar en el Agua, Un

ROMANTIC / Songwriter / Cabaret
Barefoot Kate
Chance to Dance
Dark John’s Theme/La Chanson de Jean
Drifting Apart
Fair Winds
Friday Night
Luna Marie
Surely, Shirley

SKA inspired
Blue Ska (cover)
Il Fait un Beau Soleil
Groove d’Hiver
Heaven on This Earth
However Improbable
A Message to You Rudy (cover)
Making Way
Naked Ladies
¿Quien Sera? (cover)
Vitamin A
Sailor’s Hornpipe – Wally’s Dub
Where to Next?
Within the Wyrd

MAGS’ Electronica
Limines – Vintage Electronica
1. The North Star Is Not Cold
2. Space Pavanne
3. Slow White Dwarf
4. Those In Glass Houses
5. Poets Know
6. Opera Lachrymae
7. Syncho Jubilato
8. So it Is

Lost & Found – More Vintage Electronica
1. Loca in Motion
2. Facts & Figures
3. Oscillot
4. Push Pull
5. Circularity
6. Spaceflight
7. Agra Again
8. Waterways
9. Double Bind Boogie
10. Skin Deep
11. Rivertown
12. Egg Tango
13. The Queen’s Pleasure
14. We Agree