Crazed & Enthused – 2004

The Mad Maggies’ debut album.

crazed and enthused cover and cd

Recorded by Wally Sound, Oakland, California. Analog, 2 inch tape, 16 track.

Mastered by J. J Golden, Ventura, California.

Cover design and layout by Media Rare.


  1. Up North – polka
  2. Luna Marie – love and fate in a cold dark sky (cabaret)
  3. La Pachulera – klezmer musicians at the border
  4. Street Dog – looked who showed up one Mardi Gras night
  5. Heaven on this Earth – supposin’ there’s no home on high
  6. Furey’s Polka – polka
  7. Barefoot Kate – love in time of war (ballad)
  8. Our Hearts Ride a Big Wheel – poetic rock
  9. Sleepy Maggie – rousing urban take on a trad Celtic reel. USed in the TV pilot of the Black Donnelly’s on NBC.
  10. Short and Sweet – about that size thing – a very, very short blues tune
  11. Where’s Diana? – circus polka
  12. Friday Night – dancing side by side
  13. Time’s Up – where does the time go?

AS HEARD ON TV: “Sleepy Maggie” from “Crazed and Enthused” is used in “The Black Donnellys” pilot. About 7 minutes into the show there’s a bar scene –“Sleepy Maggie” plays throughout the scene. This series is created by Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Crash, Casino Royale) and written by Robert Moresco (Million Dollar Baby, Crash).

The tune is a Mad Maggiefied version of a traditional reel.
(NB: There are other versions of the show online with different music — something to do with licensing. If you hear a less gritty, more traditional tune in the scene, it’s not us.)

“Luna Marie” & “Street Dog” from “Crazed and Enthused” were nominated by the Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2006 in the cabaret and cajun song categories respectively.

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