the Mad Maggies

Press Kit

514 244-4614 Canada
707 776-6921 US

One Sheet / Le Tract

the Mad Maggies’ one sheet / le tract
– a downloadable / téléchargeable, printable / imprimable .pdf – 1.4 mb

Stage Plot / Le Plan de Scène

the Mad Maggies’ stage plot / le plan de scène
– a downloadable / téléchargeable, printable / imprimable .pdf – 604 kb

In a Nutshell / En un Mot

  • World Rock to Ska, Cajun/Zydeco to R&B, Klezmer to Polka, to the High Seas & beyond
  • 90% original material
  • Upbeat, versatile, danceable
  • All-ages
  • Award-winning, professional, experienced



“…the stylistically omnivorous Mad Maggies”

Love the accordion? Get thee to Cotati – Andrew Gilbert – San Jose Mercury News

…the Mad Maggies’ music…it’s funky, it’s fun and it sounds like it’s played by people with smiles on their faces.

Press Play review – Paul Liberatore – Marin Independent Journal


NBC Bay Area mention


→ Folkwa review of “Shake Those Bones” (Polish)


“the Mad Maggies cook up a gumbo of ska-Zydeco-folk-rock”


“‘Il y a un bal’ ist ein toller Cajun Song, die Party geht los.”


“Maggie’s vocal work has a real classy feel…”


→ Folkworld reviews of Skull & Magpies (Deutsch) and Shake Those Bones (English) in their #49 issue.


“The Mad Maggies refuse to be type cast. They seem to delight in turning musical styles on their end.”

Rave review – NeverEnding Wonder radio


Argus Courier article – Greg Cahill (.pdf of newsprinted version)

As Heard On TV

• The hit FX Networks series “What We Do in the Shadows” uses
our tune “Kirghiz Eyes” to underscore a scene in episode 8. (episode tune list)

• Academy award winning director, Paul Haggis chose “Sleepy Maggie” from “Crazed and Enthused” to underscore a 3 minute scene in “The Black Donnellys” pilot which aired on NBC & HDNet.

the Mad Maggies are

Maggie Martin “Mags”: accordion, vocals
Johny Blood: tuba
Ray Fernandez: tenor, bari & soprano saxes
Ian Luke: drums, percussion
Mark Nemoyten: trumpet
Tim Sarter: acoustic & electric bass, U-Bass
Ned Stone: trombone
Gary Wium “GDub”: acoustic & electric guitar

Hearsay / Ouï-Dire

“We LOVE the Mad Maggies! … You have got to experience this band….”
— Cadenza Music, St. Paul, MN

“There was not a moment when the dance floor was not packed, even long after the beer was gone. Yes, you guys rock.”
— Rod De Witt, Andersen Valley Brewing Co.

“The Best Band Ever” — Howard Dillon, Bolinas Hearsay News.

“The Mad Maggies…hit it home…leaving the audience begging for an encore.” — Golden Gate [X]Press, San Francisco, CA

“…you and your band are not just great, but such an integral part of everything I try to do with the festival musically.”
— Scott Goree, Cotati Accordion Festival, Cotati, CA

“I absolutely LOVE your music! Maggie’s voice is so of another era… Don’t you just want to rub it all over your face?”
— L. Baker-Ronco

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.  — Mark Twain