the Mad Maggies

Press Kit

514 244-4614 Canada
707 776-6921 US

One Sheet / Le Tract

the Mad Maggies’ one sheet / le tract
– a downloadable / téléchargeable, printable / imprimable .pdf – 1.4 mb

Stage Plot / Le Plan de Scène

the Mad Maggies’ stage plot / le plan de scène
– a downloadable / téléchargeable, printable / imprimable .pdf – 604 kb

In a Nutshell / En un Mot

  • World Rock to Ska, Cajun/Zydeco to R&B, Klezmer to Polka, to the High Seas & beyond
  • 95% original material
  • Upbeat, versatile, danceable
  • All-ages
  • Award-winning, professional, experienced



“…the stylistically omnivorous Mad Maggies”

Love the accordion? Get thee to Cotati – Andrew Gilbert – San Jose Mercury News

…the Mad Maggies’ music…it’s funky, it’s fun and it sounds like it’s played by people with smiles on their faces.

Press Play review – Paul Liberatore – Marin Independent Journal


NBC Bay Area mention


→ Folkwa review of “Shake Those Bones” (Polish)


“the Mad Maggies cook up a gumbo of ska-Zydeco-folk-rock”


“‘Il y a un bal’ ist ein toller Cajun Song, die Party geht los.”


“Maggie’s vocal work has a real classy feel…”


→ Folkworld reviews of Skull & Magpies (Deutsch) and Shake Those Bones (English) in their issue.


“The Mad Maggies refuse to be type cast. They seem to delight in turning musical styles on their end.”

Rave review – NeverEnding Wonder radio


Argus Courier article – Greg Cahill (.pdf of newsprinted version)

As Heard On TV

• The hit FX Networks series “What We Do in the Shadows” uses
our tune “Kirghiz Eyes” to underscore a scene in episode 8. (episode tune list)

• Academy award winning director, Paul Haggis chose “Sleepy Maggie” from “Crazed and Enthused” to underscore a 3 minute scene in “The Black Donnellys” pilot which aired on NBC & HDNet.

the Mad Maggies are

Maggie Martin “Mags”: accordion, vocals
Johny Blood: tuba
Ray Fernandez: tenor, bari & soprano saxes
Ian Luke: drums, percussion
Mark Nemoyten: trumpet
Tim Sarter: acoustic & electric bass, U-Bass
Ned Stone: trombone
Gary Wium “GDub”: acoustic & electric guitar

Hearsay / Ouï-Dire

“We LOVE the Mad Maggies! … You have got to experience this band….”
— Cadenza Music, St. Paul, MN

“There was not a moment when the dance floor was not packed, even long after the beer was gone. Yes, you guys rock.”
— Rod De Witt, Andersen Valley Brewing Co.

“The Best Band Ever” — Howard Dillon, Bolinas Hearsay News.

“The Mad Maggies…hit it home…leaving the audience begging for an encore.” — Golden Gate [X]Press, San Francisco, CA

“…you and your band are not just great, but such an integral part of everything I try to do with the festival musically.”
— Scott Goree, Cotati Accordion Festival, Cotati, CA

“I absolutely LOVE your music! Maggie’s voice is so of another era… Don’t you just want to rub it all over your face?”
— L. Baker-Ronco

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.  — Mark Twain