Shake Those Bones – 2011

Our follow up to “Skull & Magpies” with more adventures on the high seas. There are ska, tunes inspired by ska, celtic, cumbia, and cajun music, a song in French, a song in Irish and more.

shake those bones disc

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Wally Sound, Oakland, California. Analog, 2 inch tape, 16 track. Digital mixdown.
Cover design and layout Media Rare.
Cover and disc illustrations by illustrator and fine artist, Dale Horstman.


  1. Skullduggery — instrumental, picks up where the last tune on “Skull & Magpies” left off
  2. Shake Those Bones — Bones is another word for dice. Originally dice were made from a specific bone in the knee area of sheep called the talus. Shake those bones = cast dice. Shake those bones = dancing. No matter what Fate has in store for us we might as well take our chances and shake ’em and roll ’em while we can.
  3. La Chanson de Jean (Dark John’s Theme) — love ballad, Jean asks the elements to help him sail as fast as possible to his love.
  4. Cold Hearts Abound — keep a wary eye
  5. The Cards On the Table — cumbiasque
  6. Dead Men Don’t Need Gold — ryhthmic
  7. Teach Tábhairne Mhaillí Ní Dhuibh (Molly Black’s Tavern) — sung in Irish, mariners asking for rum at their favorite tavern, from their favorite tavern keeper, Molly Black
  8. Drunken Sailor’s Hornpipe — a mad-maggiefied version of a traditional hornpipe
  9. Making Way — easy-going ska
  10. Aye, Lassie (Oui, Ma Chérie) — fife and drum inspired, Louisana

Track 11 is a hidden track on this album. Mags asked Wally to fly free and touch his inner dub master on our version of “Drunken Sailor’s Hornpipe” which he did to great effect.

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