What Maggie Didn’t say about the CD release party

What Maggie Didn’t say about the CD release party

I can almost see Maggie getting nervous with this blog heading displayed as it implies all kinds of mysteries. “The headline implies; the reader infers”- thanks JB.

The CD release party was so much fun, I had a great time, and Skyler and Melodie and everyone was so hospitable.

Musically it was a night of maritime excess and we love that! There was music from all ages and refreshing swigs of grog to ease tired throats! I was amazed at how many whistle players there were. I was in heaven and just hoped my playing would be good enough. Alex was incredible and I hope we can work together at some point. He let me play his Burke Low D which was a treat! I had my first case of whistle envy! He made me want to play more traditional pieces and spend months living in Ireland learning how to make my Feadog sing! Better ask my husband and daughters about that though.

The evening was about costume and fantasy.

The Mad Maggies chose to dress as pirates with Maggie leading our rag-taggle band in her gorgesous dress – I want one so will have to speak nicely to the powers that be.

G-Dub was most regal in his fabulous black kilt with Skull pins – “hard to describe – easy to love” and “boy can he play guitar.”

Brian wore his kilt for the first time, looked great and felt liberated! Go Brian – next step Braveheart!

Johny Blood chanelled his inner Captain Hook. He made purple and gold look amazing and the feathered hat was the perfect extra touch. His frock jacket swung magnificently  and his three-quarter trousers were great. The cowboy boots touched cultures old and new!

Adrian and David went stripy reminiscent of Mr. Smee. Adrian had some inspired solos that I forgot to come in as I was enjoying them so much!

Bill kept us honest as the ‘punk pirate’- including ripped shirt!

I needed a winch to cinch as I had a corset. Miss Amber Lee showed her superior corset tightening ability and I am much indebted and grateful. The corset was designed by men to make women suffer. Yes, it makes us look wonderful but the constant pressure and rearranging of the internal organs constricts the airways, making it difficult to breathe and as a wind player there were a couple of interesting moments! It is no wonder women were forever passing out. I did have other clothes on but the corset was the thing to describe. Tobias provided a Sharpie Skull and Crossbones on the cleavage! Hoorah!

Thanks to Mags for inspiring, organising, writing, playing and aarmonising!

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