Spaß @ Speisekammer Spring Fest

Spaß @ Speisekammer Spring Fest

Playing music for a music-loving, pro-beer crowd on a Sunday afternoon in perfect weather was a pleasure.

During our breaks the Golden Gate Bavarian Dance Club performed to taped traditional music. The dancers looked festive and danced fabulously. They wear beautiful green, black and white costumes, lots of pewter coins and chains, velvet hats, lederhosen, dirndls, the whole bit. And they can kick up their heels, literally.

It was a special treat for us when, during our sets, several of them danced. They could dance to anything we played – polkas, waltzes, Cajun two-step, swing, hasapikos, serba, Irish reel, whatever.

Beer holding and beer drinking contests were part of the event. Three of us valiantly competed in the Maß holding contests. The sun shone through the huge steins of golden German beer, one liter /33.8 oz. Maßkrüge to be precise, as the brave contestants struggled to keep from spilling or letting the Maß dip below shoulder line. It’s not that easy holding 5 1/2 lbs of beer and glass straight out from your shoulder!

Owners, Cindy and Peter know how to put on a good party. You owe it to yourselves to check out this local gem of a restaurant.

eins, zwei, drei g’suffa

spaten mass krug with speisekammer logo

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