New music

New music

As the token Indie Rock Chick I am happy to announce that Muse and Placebo have stunning new albums.

OK, they don’t need me to endorse them as they have a huge  following for good reason. So why am I commenting?

Because (never start with a because) part of what makes The Mad Maggies so great is our love of music.

Adrian and I love Pendulum and Placebo and dnb (drum and bass).GDub lent me Fela Kuti.

JB and I share a love of disco – hey if you want to know what 120 bpm sounds like- any classic disco track will give it to you- Funky Town is a good example.

We love music in all its manifestations. It is an organic entity and needs to breathe and grow.

Music sets us free and shows creativity in so many ways. It can cheer us up, excite us and calm us down- much like The Mad Maggies. Come see us soon.

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