New CD and whistle thoughts

New CD and whistle thoughts

OK, so maybe I am a tad biased but the new CD is a winner.

I had always wanted to play the penny whistle in a band and a lifetime’s ambition was realised with the dawn of this album. Despite how much the whisle may bug other band members, I love the sound and feel as if transported into another age and culture.

I have this romantic notion of living in Ireland and learning how to play the whistle properly and being immersed in folk songs and traditions. I almost got my way a couple of years ago but alas was not to be. So I will have to return to Ireland, whistle packed, eager to learn all the tricks of the trade and spend all evening in pubs- bummer!

The power of music is immense. Never underestimate how moods can be changed. I think even Lawrence and JB were complimentary about the foot of power, aka the whistle. We felt like pirates. We felt like salty sea dogs- OK I am going too far and will be told off by the guys. The whistle is just amazing and so very portable. It is the sound of legendary folk songs and dark evenings. It is a sound that unites people; joviality follows and a few rosy cheeks.

On a technical note I play a Burke High D which is made of aluminium (NB the spelling).

Is that the time? We have a gig tonight and I am not ready. Cloverdale awaits and I get to indulge my passion for the whistle once again. Thanks Maggie.