Mystic Theatre Triple Squeeze Solstice Cabaret

Mystic Theatre Triple Squeeze Solstice Cabaret

I’m posting this early so everyone can make plans to come. 😉

Next week on Friday night, June 19 we join Vagabond Opera and Amber Lee and the Anomalies for a “Summer Solstice Cabaret” — a night of top-notch musical entertainment at the Mystic Theater in lovely downtown Petaluma.

If you love accordions, and who doesn’t, all three acts feature an accordionist. Yay!

Doors open 7:00PM
Show starts 8:00PM


21 and over

There are dozens of good restaurants within walking distance of the theater including McNear’s right next door. Dempsey’s is the local brew pub about a block away. They are renowned for their award winning beers. If sushi is your thing, Hiro’s, located a half a block away, has an excellent menu and a large selection of fine sake.

This year’s Summer Solstice happens in the early morning on June 21st.

mystic june 09
mystic june 09

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