Mags’ Vintage Electronica

Mags’ Vintage Electronica

Before I veered into the world of squeezeboxes and the musical ensemble project of the Mad Maggies, I was busy creating soundscapes and songs for theatre and dance performances.

Recently two collectors of electronica from the 80s and 90s contacted me having found “Limines” on our Bandcamp. Did I have more cassettes? Did I have more music? Would I consider a re-release?

This got me thinking about my early material. What almost forgotten, almost lost, musical gems were waiting to be heard again? I went looking and uncovered several works tucked away on tape cassettes, hi-speed tape cassettes, digital sequences and archived folders.

After a bit of dusting off – volume levels, stereo balance, a pinch of tape pitch correction, I uploaded a set of tracks and compiled them as an album on our Bandcamp called “Lost & Found”.

If you enjoy moody, cinematic, quirky, fascinating sonic experiences, you will certainly find listening worthwhile. Of course, I’d love to hear what you think.

For electronic music nerds, I used an array of synths including ESQ-1, DX7, Juno 106, SQ-80.

I played most of these tracks in real time into the sequencing software, or in the case of the SQ-80, onto the onboard sequencer. The feel is natural, even, at times, imprecise.

I wrote some of the tunes for particular commissions, others just because, well, I just can’t help writing music.