Magical Kingdom of Kotati

Magical Kingdom of Kotati

As part of the Cotati Accordion Festival’s grass roots promotional push, I participated in the Cotati Kid’s Parade today (7/12/08) with festival organizer Scott Goree and his daughters, Renee and Rachel. The theme was the above mentioned Magical Kingdom hence that lovely millinery fantasy I am wearing.

Perfect weather again, Rachel played her vintage “Nobel” 120 bass accordion, Rachel tossed candies to the kids and I played “Street Dog” many times. It’s a song I know the late Jim Boggio liked.

And I had a chance to say hello to Lynn Woolsey.

All in a days work as a Squeezin’ Diva 😉

Vive l’accordéon!

Renée and Mags

Renée, Scott & Rachel Goree

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