Bellows and Babes

Bellows and Babes

As promised, you will see a couple small versions of me as a pin up for the Accordion Babes Calendar project but first here’s the pitch.

The Accordion Babes calendar will include 12 full-color pin-up photos of women and their accordions; previews of some of the content are available here. Not all of these are final photos, but they start to give you an idea.

A compilation CD of the calendar artists will be attached to the inside back cover of the calendar.

Participation can happen in two ways: presales and sponsorships. For shops and accordion clubs who would like to order advance copies at a wholesale rate, we are selling copies of the calendar at $10 per unit; the list price of the calendar will be $20. (There is a 6 calendar minimum for presale orders.) For businesses who are interested in having ad-space on the calendar, there is a pricing scale for sponsorships.

Please pass on this info to any potential sponsors you can think of.
For more info and inquiries:

These will make wonderful gifts.

And now for the teasers. They are tiny because they are, well, teasers 😉

I’m hoping you’ll buy the calendar to see all the accordion goddesses at full size.

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