Klezmer Céilidh at Ashkenaz

Klezmer Céilidh at Ashkenaz

klezmer ceilidh at ashkenaz

We’re joining forces with the fabulous Go Van Gogh this Thursday night June 4th, at Ashkenaz in Berkeley.

Doors open 8:00
Show starts 8:30pm – only $7!!

Wear your dancing shoes!

A céilidh (kay-lee) in modern usage is a traditional Gaelic social dance originating in Ireland and Scotland, but now common throughout the Celtic diaspora. Before discos and nightclubs, there were Céilidhs in most town and village halls on Friday or Saturday nights; they are still common today.*

Klezmer describes music of traveling Eastern European Jewish musicans who played largely dance songs for weddings and other celebrations. Originally, klezmer (plural klezmorim) referred to musical instruments, and was later extended to refer to musicians themselves. It was not until the mid-to-late 20th Century that the word was used to identify a musical genre. Early 20th Century recordings and writings most often refer to the style as "Yiddish" music, although it is also sometimes called Freilech music.*

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