Happy Birthday, Mr. Nemoyten!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nemoyten!

Master trumpeter Mark Nemoyten was enticed to join this crazy project by saxophonist Ray when we were looking for more horns. We had a gig at Rancho Nicasio back in March 2015 and we wanted more horns. I always want more horns. Tubist Johny Blood is happier with more brass. All of us like a big band. So we welcomed Mark into the fold. Then threw 3 dozen plus charts at him to learn in a matter of a few weeks.

And the rest is history.

Besides trumpet, Mark plays cornet, flugelhorn and piccolo trumpet. He is a veteran member of the Golden Gate Park Band, plays with several other ensembles and teaches trumpet.

Thank you, Mark. Wishing you many more spins around the sun. We’re glad we didn’t scare you away.

And thank you for spending your birthday today recording Tim and Ian for our new set of tunes.