Chavela Vargas

Chavela Vargas

To be honest it takes much to pull me away when I’m writing music. I don’t want to hear other sounds. But inspiration and admiration struck when GDub brought home “San Patricio” a wonderful compilation put together by Paddy Moloney/The Chieftains with Ry Cooder which pays tribute to the deep affection between Mexico and Ireland. (About the San Patricios)

One song particularly pulled me in — “Luz de Luna” sung by Chavela Vargas. Her singing literally makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

She is fascinating. Besides her intense, dramatic vocal skill she has lived a life! She was a very successful touring singer in the 50s, was most likely a lover of Frida Kahlo‘s, is a close friend of film director Pedro Almodóvar, came out as a lesbian at 81, made her debut at Carnegie Hall when she was 83. Definitely the stuff of legends. But it’s the voice …

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