Behind the Scenes: Building a tour

Behind the Scenes: Building a tour

Before we step into the limelight on a stage, there has been quite a bit of preparation behind the scenes. The shows we play entail booking the gigs, wrangling our schedules, working out travel and equipment hauling arrangements, signing contracts, writing press releases, contacting media outlets, creating posters, building set lists and, of course, practicing.

I am busy creating posters and set lists right now for our March “Spring Fever” tour 3/13-3/22. So far 7 gigs booked, two more tentative. It will be an action packed 10 days.

Here’s the poster for our Rancho Nicasio gig on Saturday March 21. That’s the first day of Spring and the penultimate show of this tour.

I hope many of you will catch us in the act at the Rancho. The location is fantastic, as is the food and ambience. And, there is a great dance floor!

Reservations are highly recommended. Call 415-662-2219 You can come for just the music or you can enjoy dinner as well. $12 cover.

SpringTour_2015 rancho nicasio

Next, I make sure all the online media calendars have our dates listed. Then I contact as many news and entertainment editors, radio announcers and podcasters as I can to create some buzz. And then…

Well, I start again for the next batch of gigs. 🙂