13 Years Ago Today

13 Years Ago Today

Our grand musical adventure began 13 years ago on Saturday, February 14, 2004. This was first time we went. as a group, into the studio to record. It was a Saturday. We recorded that Sunday as well. Several more sessions followed until we completed the 13 tunes for our debut album, “Crazed and Enthused” which we released in October. The rest is history.

We recorded on analog 2″ tape and mixed down to analog 1/4″ tape. Even the mastering was done on tape!

Feeling sentimental, I put together a short one minute video with photos from that session.

Lots has happened since then. Gigs, tours, travels. Grey hair. 7 more albums. Some players moved on and new ones joined in on the fun. Jeff Davis, who helped produce our first two albums passed away in 2012. Wally Sound is still going strong.

I am seriously full of love for my fellow musicians who have been willing to learn, play, fuss over and record what I’ve cooked up for them.