We rocked the house

We rocked the house

For those of you who missed the Accordion festival, we are sorry.

You missed a rousing set of tunes from the new CD- Skull and Magpies and a Maggified version of “Get Ready”.

The crowd danced, cheered and supported us like no other audience. It was humbling, fun and a musical roller coaster.

OK, as you know, I love all that whistle stuff (hint I am the whistle player) so playing Morning Star in front of such a great crowd was amazing.

We looked the part too- JB had THE suit, Maggie shared her legs, GDub was kilted and I am sure there was some breeze- catch my drift?- and I had a pair of shorts. The added bonus to the shorts was the rhinestone skulls on the back which were displayed throughout our performance and the time we lingered on into the evening.

We were able to be part of a line-up that included Culann’s Hounds and Those Darn Accordions (TDA) who were celebrating 20 years. It was great to hear so many different types of music and feel the energy.

It was a blast- thank you Cotati.

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