Watch This: “Polkaholics” the Movie

Watch This: “Polkaholics” the Movie

Connecting the Polka Dots

“Polkaholics”, the new documentary by filmmaker Wes Hranchak premieres this Friday at the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival. This loving tribute and celebration of polka tells the story of L’il Wally Jagiello and his coming together for a show with the Polkaholics at Zakopane Lounge in Chicago.

I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the Polkaholics. They dish up high octane rock polka. Leader Dandy Don Hedeker, besides being a shredding rock/polka guitarist and professor of biostatistics, is a super knowledgeable polka fanatic historian.

The Polkaholics most recent CD is “Wally!” – an original Polka-Rock Opera that tells the story of Li’l Wally’s Chicago polka glory and Florida sunset.

Read the cool Chicago TimeOut article.

I highly recommend catching this band in the act!

the polkaholics movie poster

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