New Single & New Video: Un Jaguar en el Agua

New Single & New Video: Un Jaguar en el Agua


Here’s our latest single. “Un Jaguar en el Agua” –  a dance groove with a good dose of Californiana. 
The imagery is inspired by the joy-filled skeletons of el Dia de Los Muertos. These calacas – a colloquial Mexican word for skeleton – are whimsical celebrations of those on the “other side”.

The lyrics are inspired by the strength and beauty of the largest wild cat in the Western Hemisphere.

Inspirado en la fuerza y la belleza del gato salvaje más grande del hemisferio occidental.
Inspiré par la force et la beauté du plus grand chat sauvage de l’hémisphère occidental.

Listen to it in hi-fi quality at our BandCamp.

Kick off your shoes and get ready to shake your self-isolating booty!



“Un Jaguar en el Agua” is also our new video.

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Creating this video is what’s been keeping me busy these last few months.

My ability to draw is in strong inverse proportion to my songwriting talent. I can see how I want a story to look but even stick figures are a struggle. Happily illustrator Dale Horstman was up for working with us again. Dale illustrated our albums “Skull & Magpies” and “Shake Those Bones“. The man has got talent galore.

His drawings for “Un Jaguar en el Agua” are perfectly quirky.

To be able to create a good story with the 2D images and have some fun with effects, I had to get up to speed on a non-linear video editor. DaVinci Resolve 16 has a free version that is very powerful. I recommend it if you have an interest in going beyond simple apps like iMovie.

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Hay un jaguar

Es fuerte y tiene hambre

Que gata audaz

Mata de un solo golpe

Johny Blood: tuba
Ray Fernandez: saxophones
Ian Luke: drums
Maggie “Mags” Martin: accordionist, vocals, composer, fearless leader
Mark Nemoyten: trumpet
Tim “SepTIMus” Sarter: bass
Ned Stone: trombone
Gary “GDub” Wium: guitars

released February 14, 2020
recorded at Wally Sound, Oakland, California