Starry Plough Poster August 2015

Starry Plough Poster August 2015

the Mad Maggies’ tuba player Johny Blood applauded my step into the “Tasteless” for this poster for our Starry Plough gig coming up in August.

What got in to me?

Are there no limits to irreverence and kitsch in poster design?

August 15 Saturday 9pm
We share the stage with “Along Came Jones” — Americana in the best sense of the word.

starry plough poster

August 15, 1911: Procter & Gamble Company of Cincinnati, Ohio introduced the hydrogenated shortening known as Crisco. American cuisine has never recovered.

August 15 is also the feast day of a woman who became a mother under suspicious circumstances and, years later, was reported to have been “assumed body and soul into heavenly glory” apparently while she was sleeping. Hmm….

DISCLAIMER: All of this has nothing to do with the excellent musicians and original music you will hear, and very likely dance to, at this live show. We simply couldn’t resist spinning off the date’s historical significance.