Shamrocks, Timpani and Musical Joy

Shamrocks, Timpani and Musical Joy

Playing on St. Pat’s at the Sleeping Lady was an all round festive fun gig. We had a real nice crowd at this friendly, music-loving venue. The whole joint was aglow with green foil shamrocks. And, as the wild and crazy musicians we are, we tried out a couple of our new tunes on the crowd including a sing along in Irish!

Next day we headed into the recording studio to start CD #5 — “Shake Those Bones”. That first day, Friday, we spent a couple hours getting drummer Ian Luke happily situated and his kit and timpani set-up and mic’ed. Timpani?!

Second day, Saturday, Ian and bassist, Tim Sarter and guitarist, GDub laid down rhythm tracks on nine, yes nine tunes. Then today, Sunday GDub finessed a few of his parts.

We are recording to 2 inch analog tape once again.

Next week we overdub tuba, whistles and clarinet, saxes and bass clarinet. That’s Johny Blood, Rhian and Adrian respectively.

Working with talented musicians and the fabulous Wally of Wally Sound is a delight. I love hearing the tunes take shape.

Creating music is a sheer, glorious, agonizing joy.

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