See ya at the show tonight! 9:30PM

See ya at the show tonight! 9:30PM

GDub and I are ready to head down to the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax. I’ve got a fresh battery in my golden squeeze, our gear and swag is packed in the car, my hair is braided, nice pre-show cup of Pu-Erh brewing (love it with fresh lemon and turbinado sugar) and my new-to-me dress is very comfortable though tight-fitting. GDub is wearing an elegant, warm all wool kilt. He tells me there may be a few kilted fellas coming. That will be a treat!

Yep, it’s going to be a good night of music making and crowd pleasing.

Sleeping Lady Café, Fairfax
with Renée de la Prade and the Hounds

We will have Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendars with CD for sale — the perfect gift!

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