Polkas & Beer – Day 10 – A Polka is Born

Polkas & Beer – Day 10 – A Polka is Born

THE POLKA: All In A Day Polka

For Day 10, I gave myself the challenge to write a good, solid polka in a day. So from yesterday until today, I spun this bit of polka joy into existence.

This is a diamond in the rough. I will steer it towards a Tex-Mex feel with the final arrangement.

Consider this a sneak preview.

Taking a cue from Norteño music, I wrote it in a major key — F — and limit the chords to just two — F and C. What you are about to listen to is a very ROUGH version, part scratch accordion and part midi instruments. This is how I give files to the Mad Maggies for familiarization when we are learning a new tune.

It is a long way from how it will sound when played with live musicians. Stay tuned. 😉


Now that I have worked up a thirst, having sat strapped in to my computer and accordion and headphones for many hours, I will partake of a good German pilsner, a König Pilsner. Nothing fancy but it is crisp and clean — Reinheitsgebot. I recommend it if you are far from any craft beer. And I consider it superior to Bitburger.

Prost! Sláinte!