Our New CD – Now available everywhere!

Our New CD – Now available everywhere!

"Flashbacks – the Mad Maggies play vintage hits", is now available throughout the digital universe. We invite you to listen, buy and share with everyone you know.

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flashbacks cd cover and disc

Flashbacks – the Mad Maggies play vintage hits

We dipped into the past for 9 musical gems and gave ’em the inimitable Mad Ms musical touch.

  1. Twine Time — Chicago R&B / Alvin Cash 1965
  2. Twisting the Night Away — dance crave classic / Sam Cooke 1961
  3. A Message to You, Rudy — Ska / Dandy Livingstone 1967
  4. Give Him a Great Big Kiss — Pop / George Morton 1965
  5. Dead Air — a Maggie Martin original 1986
  6. Searching for My Love — Muscle Shoals soul / Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces with Chico Jenkins 1966
  7. Vitamin A — instrumental Ska / Baba Brooks 1965
  8. Get Ready — Motown R&B / Smokey Robinson 1965
  9. Pipeline — Surf / The Chanteys 1962

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Wally Sound, Oakland, California.
Analog, 2 inch tape, 16 track. Digital mixdown.

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