Our New Album is here! “Up North & Out West”

Our New Album is here! “Up North & Out West”

Live and Rowdy: the Mad Maggies on tour 2012

While on the road this past year we recorded as much of our shows as possible. SepTimus Sarter used his small Olympus LS-10 portable recorder positioning it in the venues wherever he could. Ian Luke patiently culled through the hours of material and chose 8 tracks which he then edited and mixed.

The result is a kind of field or bootleg recording which captures our rough and ready, energetic, music making perfectly.

front cover of up north & out west

I am super pleased to have a recorded version of “Heaven on this Earth” the way we play it now and to have a recording of the “Serba” and … There is just so much that I like about this album.

You can listen to “Up North & Out West” at our music shop. I’d love to know what you think of this, our first live album.

back cover of up north & out west

I also must mention that Johny Blood suggested the title. Wally Sound did his mastering magic. And DVDCopyCat duplicated for us. They were fast, professional and hassle-free. We will use their services again.

Pssst. Heaven on this Earth is a free download 🙂

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