Magpies & Dogs keep Sleeping Lady awake

Magpies & Dogs keep Sleeping Lady awake

POST SHOW NOTES: 1/15 with Culann’s Hounds at the Sleeping Lady, Farifax

Oh my, this night was a wild one. When we arrived at 8:45 to set up the Sleeping Lady was packed and it stayed packed all the way past the last note of the Hounds’ set. We began to play at about 9:50 and stirred up a nice batch of tunes including some good rebel songs — “Óró ‘sé do bheatha ‘bhaile” and our own “Rough Music.” We tried out our new (and soon to be recorded) version of the ska classic “A Message to You Rudy” and we sang the “High Seas Lament” for those who have passed in the recent earthquake in Haiti. Hounds’ drummer Chris sat in on snare about halfway through our set. (Thank you, Chris!) Toes tapped, beer bubbled!

The Hounds took the stage at around 11:20 and kicked into a rousing set full of reels, jigs, original tunes and stalwart Pogues covers. Our whistle player, Rhian sat in on a few tunes. People pushed tables aside to make more dancing room. There was at least one woman who really did know how to Irish step-dance so she took Renée’s challenge to do a Riverdance imitation seriously 😉

The windows fogged up completely from the heat of bodies having a good time. We sold Accordion Babes Calendars, CDs and most definitely made new fans. Yep, a very good night!

There’s talk of doing this double-bill again. You won’t want to miss it.

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