Mad Alert: October Shows & Such

Mad Alert: October Shows & Such

Hi All!


October 7 – private – Oktoberfest block party, Berkeley
Ein, Zwei, Sofa!

October 13 – 9:30pm – Old Western Saloon — our first time at this quintessential bar.

Why not take a trip out to the Point Reyes National Seashore and then swing by afterwards for live music?! Email me and I will tell you my favorite beach to visit.

Photo Shoot

Whenever it is time to do a new band photo I experience a bit of dread. In the cruel world of music and band promotion there is a long history of wretched band photos. Scroll through of few of those gems to see why I approach a band photo session with trepidation.

Happily we were “on” and excellent photographer Gary Wium aka GDub, the one and only Mad Ms’ guitarist, got some great shots. The one below was the “money” shot. So he could be in the photo he used a remote camera trigger which you can see ever so slightly in his right hand. (More about the technical aspects at his blog.)

If you have any inclination to print one out in hi-res, you can do just that at our presskit page.



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