Track on YouTube: La Pachulera

Track on YouTube: La Pachulera

“…like klezmer musicians stranded at a well-lubricated Tijuana wedding party.”

This is the first in a series of tracks we will be uploading to YouTube for your listening pleasure.

Pachulí means patchouli in Mexican Spanish. We heard tell that pachulero/pachulero refers to someone who enjoys smoking weed and wears pachulí to hide that aroma.

But maybe that is a crazy story…

We first recorded La Pachulera on our debut album “Crazed and Enthused“. We chose to re-record it for “Still Standing” because it has morphed slightly and because it is just so fun to play.

Both versions are on our BandCamp if you want to compare and contrast:
La Pachulera on “Crazed and Enthused” 2004
La Pachulera on “Still Standing” 2014