Longest Night Tonight 12/21/15 – Happy Holidaze!

Longest Night Tonight 12/21/15 – Happy Holidaze!

death_tuque2015Happy Holidaze, Magpies!

Since, Mags and the Mad Ms are still hard at work creating new material for your enjoyment in the new year, I am stepping in again to do the seasons greetings.

Longest Night Tonight 12/21/15

Time to Groove on Death and Rebirth

This is a wonder-filled time to ponder the simple, sweet dualities of existence such as dark and light, in and out, and, my fav, life and death.

This article in the Telegraph, which includes a short video, explains the astronomical and historical significance of the Winter Solstice for those dwelling in the northern hemisphere.

Just to confirm that there’s nothing new under the sun, back around 2700 BCE, those clever neolithic humans up in the Orkney Islands built a chambered cairn known as Maeshowe that has a fascinating mid-winter alignment with the Winter Solstice.


For celebrating, I suggest cavorting wildly with family and friends fueled by pints of ale, perhaps the dark ale Irish Death from Iron Horse Brewery. Of course, spin any Mad Maggies album for just the right touch of festivity. “Still Standing” will do nicely. “Solstice” translates roughly as “sun standing still”.

For a quieter evening, watch “Rare Exports” an R-rated Santa Claus origin story from Finland, whilst sipping a few shots of white whiskey from the lovely named distillery Death’s Door.

Enjoy the darkness tonight. See you in the new year!

life is short,