Gold Squeeze back home from the Hospital

Gold Squeeze back home from the Hospital

My much loved, much played gold Weltmeister Rubin (30/60/II/3)* accordion is home again after several weeks at Smythe’s Accordion Center.

9+ years solid of playing had taken its toll on some of the keys around the low D. Kimric Smythe diagnosed that some parts had to be replaced. I and my poor squeeze had to endure waiting for those parts to come from the Weltmeister factory in Klingenthal, Germany. Once they arrived Kimric performed a successful surgery. Sigh of relief.

Now I can look forward to many more gigs with my old gold friend.

mags with gold accordion

Kimric is an inventor, builder and all around clever guy. He recently distilled plums and roses into a delectable 60 proof liquor — one of the many perks of visiting the accordion center 😉

* 30/60/II/3 means 30 keys on the keyboard, 60 bass buttons, two sets of reeds on treble side, three sets of reeds on bass side.

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