New Single for Our Crystal Anniversary

New Single for Our Crystal Anniversary

Today, February 14, 2019, marks our 15th year of making beautiful music together.

Celebrate with us by enjoying a new single. “All in a Day” is a light-hearted polka, perfect for lifting one’s spirits in heavy times.

Crank up the tune, grab a partner and dance around the house with wild abandon!

Listen to it here for free on this player:

If you drop a buck in the hat at BandCamp you can download a hi-res audio file.

Why crystal?

Well, according to those who know these kinds of things, the traditional anniversary gift at 15 years is something made of crystal to represent sturdiness and clarity.

And, Death thinks crystal skulls are really cool. So there’s that, too.

(This crystal skull is from a collection of the British Museum in London.)