“Up North & Out West – the Mad Ms on Tour” – 2012

This is a rough and ready recording culled from our live field recordings.
We essentially “bootlegged” ourselves.


Recorded live by Tim Sarter on an Olympus LS-10 portable recorder at shows in Oregon, Washington and Nebraska.
Edited and mixed by Ian Luke.
Mastered at Wally Sound, Oakland, California.
Cover design and layout by Media Rare.


  1. Up North — polka
  2. Heaven on This Earth — ska or is it R&B?
  3. Aye, Lassie (Oui, Ma Chérie) — a dash of Louisiana
  4. Making Way — ska
  5. Serba — traditional
  6. Street Dog — cajunesque
  7. Magdalena’s Revenge — frailich inspired
  8. Shake Those Bones — swing

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